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All new Donny Long website

April 2nd, 2016 · Comments Off on All new Donny Long website

I have made deals with many companies and got rights to a lot of my videos and I am building a all new website and its getting tons of members already. It will take me some time to get them all up but if you watch I am adding more and more and will be also shooting fresh girls I find in new scenes you can only find here.

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sorry for no updates but I very busy for a bit

July 30th, 2015 · Comments Off on sorry for no updates but I very busy for a bit

Sorry for no updates but been busy putting together so many things now that I’m out of 6 years in Thailand. I will update later but for now to answer some of your questions, yes I have full control of my daughter now and she is with me and we are never going back to Lieland aka Thailand. My phone got stolen the other night by a whore in a nightclub so I lost tons of pictures and videos including many from Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos but not to worry I still have other SD card with some stuff I will be posting later when I get time.

I am very busy right now planning and setting up my next moves but when I get time I will updated much much more including finishing my ebook about Thailand. Any questions please email me to xxxfilmjobs hotmail com

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Michael Thomas Strother aka Kike South wants attention so lets give him some

July 27th, 2015 · Comments Off on Michael Thomas Strother aka Kike South wants attention so lets give him some

Decided not to waist the space around here of talking about gay loser fanboi stalkers that are jealous of me and all my success so I removed this post but if you would like to read it just go to

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Ebook: Thailand Exposed?

July 24th, 2015 · Comments Off on Ebook: Thailand Exposed?

Ok guys after being very busy and losing interest in finishing my story about Thailand because of it not being fully told I am now thinking of writing it all into a ebook. See what I have told so far is missing so much and the full story needs to be told and also finished. Later might even be able to make it into a movie with some of the video footage also I already have. Let me know your thoughts and what you think of this title and subtitle?

Thailand Exposed

A true sad frustrating story from an American father trying to save his child from Thailand and Thai people’s corrupt system of lies, Stupidity, ignorance, child abuse, prostitution and much more.

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Add me on facebook

July 22nd, 2015 · Comments Off on Add me on facebook

Finally of facebook. Should be some interesting stuff to read.

Add me!

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Out of Asia – There is a god!

July 22nd, 2015 · Comments Off on Out of Asia – There is a god!

Ok Guys after an expensive and over 40 hour ride around the world between planes and layovers with me my new wife and child I am now going to do a small update. I didn’t tell you all yet but I not only lived in Thailand but I also had lived in one of my most favorite places on earth sihanoukville Cambodia which is a booming and growing beach city full of foreigners in southwest Cambodia. I had a beautiful brand new 2 bedroom condo there in a gated secure building for only 200 dollars a month walking distance to the beach.

When I finally left Thailand for good about a month ago we were Living for almost a year in Chiang Mai Thailand in the north and headed straight up into Laos. We spent days on buses going all the way across Laos to the west and then south where we crossed back into Cambodia where I use to live. We then went all the way down into Saigon Ho Chi Minh city where we rented a nice condo for almost a month for only $450 dollars and lived there. I absolutely hated the place. Traffic and overcrowded rudeness like you wont believe but the women are smoking hot little Vietnamese spinners with tiny pussies and fun to fuck! I got to fuck 3 of them the short time I was there. Remember my x Kimmy Thai was a Vietnamese also. PS: My new wife is bisexual and ok wife me fucking other women. She is the greatest wife a man can have, 1 in a billion.

Anyways I will update you all more later and I Got plenty of video and stories to tell and I will pick up where I left off with my story from my last post about Thailand when I get time.

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New things will be happening with Donny Long

February 18th, 2015 · Comments Off on New things will be happening with Donny Long

This site within a few months should be transformed from the porn site it is now to a site about who I Donny Long really am and video and pictures of my daily life and my travels. I will have 2 ebooks and training coarse about how I make my money online inside porn online and another for outside porn online but I will start to be more mainstream about things and get 100% away from the dying porn industry. This site will be about me and my daily life and not about porn anymore because porn is really no longer a big part of my life. Its still makes me my living online which I will share with you though but I will be getting more mainstream and in front of the camera again for that. Hope you all enjoy and keep checking back for more.

Here is a recent picture taken last week and as you can see I am not bald or fat or old looking or broke or any of the things my jealous haters make up about me lol.


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Donny long coming back into porn?

September 29th, 2014 · No Comments

I have had many people emailing me asking me if I am coming back into porn as a performer or director again or both, some even wanting to order scenes from me placing offers. Will I ever come back? KEEP READING…  A lot of my gay hater fanbois like to talk shit also saying I cant lol. Would I ever go shoot faghag nasty STD infested porn hookers in Los Angeles or Las Vegas again after leaving there to shoot hot fresh off the boat 18 year olds in Florida for a year after that?


Do I need money or am i broke as the haters claim? No I have my savings and my income from my sites like for over 9 years now and they do nothing but grow.

Could I go back to Florida and work as a performer or director or both for all the top companies out there? YES AND I HAVE MANY FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES THERE THAT ALSO HATE FAGGOTS [ESPECIALLY ONES FROM LA] LIKE I DO AND DONT SUPPORT THE GAY MAFIA!
As most of you know I shot for or with as talent or as a director for most of the top companies like Playboy, Brazzers, Bangbros and many many many many many more. My resume as talent just my first 2 years in the business POW BOOM Donny Long’s Resume Am I still a top notch STRAIGHT director, videoagrapher, photographer and performer that could producer killer content and if wanted and use my huge cock POV or not POV if requested?
Remember very few true straights are left, most are closet faggots from gay porn working in straight porn for the money but many company OWNERS are straight and dont like these faggots but have to put up with them cause they have no choice if they want to make money. Many owners have wifes and kids and families and they dont like queers.
Here is some stuff I shot 5 years ago and I could do the same and way better because of camera technology.
Now what would it take and why would I ever wanna come back?
Well if the price was right and I was allowed to shoot my own fresh models I find then yes I might come shoot some stuff but under no pressure cause I work for no one and it wouldn’t be right now this second I would need some time. If I was to film my regular life and all the smoking hot hundreds of whores I have fucked for the last 5 years I would be more than rich by now and have the biggest badest fresh model amateur porn site on the net.
I had a large company offer me a contract recently to shoot for them exclusively but the numbers were not right. Would I shoot USA models or travel the world shooting? Up to me LOL. As most of you know I do a lot of traveling but dont like flaunting my stuff like a faggot everywhere on social media saying wee wee wee look at me look at me like a faggot attention whore.  Anyways if you want to hit me up my email is xxxfilmjobs AT
Here is a pic I took today for my haters LOL.

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New video about Donny Long and

June 27th, 2014 · No Comments

New video about Donny Long and

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Donny Long: Im BAAACK!!!!

June 27th, 2014 · No Comments is back up and running and I will have many shocking news updates for you so hang tight and keep an eye out you guys.

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People wanted a recent video of me well here it is

July 20th, 2013 · No Comments

Everyone has been asking for recent pictures or video of me well here it is fuckers. I am not bald, fat, poor, missing teeth, gay, or any of that shit my haters are, and that they dream I could be. I took this video a few weeks ago traveling seeing an old girlfriend with my pops but now I am back traveling outside the USA. THANK GOD!

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New porn star escort site –

March 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Brand new porn star escort site launch. Escort is going to be the main database for escorts/companions, porn star escorts, escort agencies, worldwide. We know with the great success of and all our other adult community sites that this site is a great fit for our network. Signup free today to join the escort site.


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How stupid are the gays running the adult media? Youporn scammers

February 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

I will tell you how stupid the morons like Mike South, Adrian Chen from gawker , Cindi Loftus and the rest are that write for the adult media! No one in the world online has been smart enough to see this but me and I am sure this story will get stolen from here and they will all take credit for it and then send more traffic to youporn. WHAT A SCAM!

Read the rest here Youporn scammers

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New sites and stuff happening with Donny Long

February 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

Hi guys you can call me Donny’s pr guy and I am also the pr guy for Donny’s old network of sites he has sold to the company I work for including this one. me and Donny yes are friends and do talk regularly.  I have some news coming out on some new sites being released and the redoing of very soon. Adult job place .com is one of the many sites we will be adding to the cash program soon. You can also check out xxx gay jobs which is a lot newer of a site but growing very fast.

We are not ones for bashing people but Donny has made some big changes and moves and he is going to have some huge news for the industry including some ways to get even with the cowardly gay child rapist still mouthing off like Michael Thomas Strother aka Mike South and his gay butt buddy Mark a Spiegler which he has asked me to warn you all about. I have personally read some of the shit they post and I think me posting this here for Donny is deserved.

Since Donny has sold all his sites and got completely out of porn he has tired to move away from porn but I have watched first hand these idiots still stalking him and many other big successful people in porn they are jealous of including people like Steve Hurtch, Manwin, and many more that made it unlike them and I am tired of seeing it.

but For now Check out some of the archives here on Donny Long .com and read about the history of it all.  I will try to update this site more and more as time passes so please keep checking back here.

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Doing great and still laughing at the haters hehehehe

September 25th, 2011 · No Comments

Just wanted to let everyone know I am doing great living my retired life and have not been online and or reading the drama for a while but I just checked some sites and had a laugh reading about another fag spreading HIV in straight porn and had a bigger laugh watching all the failures and low life’s still throwing shit at each other on the net. Glad to see a lot of people miss me and are still talking about me on there sites and video blogs hahahaha.  PFFFFF some people will just never learn I guess!  BY THE WAY I ALWAYS WIN!

To all my friends and followers: You might see me and my new company in the media one day if and when I ever decide to go public with it but for now back to my jet ski and beers and check ya all later. If anyone would like to contact me hit me up through email and dont forget to check out the highest traffic and most active adult  job site on the net

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July 26th, 2011 · No Comments

I have had enough of the bullshit, complete made up lies, threats and false accusations from whores, the gay mafia, and gay mafia media.  I will not be threatened any longer! You think you know something but you don’t.


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Donny Long responds to the hater gay trolls

June 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Read more of Donny Long laughing at his haters where he talks about by going to the Donny Long laughing at his haters post

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The gay Mafia attacking me yet AGAIN lol

June 17th, 2011 · No Comments

So porno failures Mike South and Mark Spiegler and more of the gay mafia are attacking me again because Mark Spiegler, “Mike South’s butt buddy” got his address outed to his rat hole apartment where he runs his illegal pimping operation out of.  22100 Erwin St. #221 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 You can read more about it here There are some people interested in finding out more about Mark’s business he runs out of his shit hole but that’s all I am going to say for now.

So these clowns and the rest of the gay mafia still have not learned that the more you attack me the more they will be punching themselves in the face. Last week they tried to make a fake test on me and now they all got test lol. Its like watching a cartoon where they push a button and a boxing glove comes out and punches them and then they hit the button again and again and again. FUNNY SHIT, GREAT TIMES

I have something new for Mike South though. I have been in contact with some peeps that that are interested in Mike Souths illegal operation and obscene website he runs out of his shit hole apartment at 3399 MISTY HARBOUR TRL, ATLANTA, GA

Watching people throw rocks from a glass house is just entertaining so please keep it up guys.

These clowns have been attacking me for years now and got nothing but kicked around online in return and made me more money.

Now check out a interesting email that someone sent me that shows Mark Spiegler and Mike South as the owners of a gay pedophile website called “North American Man Boy Love Association” back when it was registered with godaddy in 2009. Looks like someone must have hacked one of there emails.

File:Mike south Mark Spiegler child rapist illegal.JPG

Thanks guys and dont forget to read up about these guys below

Mark Spiegler



Mike south


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Donny Long is clean

June 11th, 2011 · No Comments

So I dont like responding to trashy scumbags fags that everyone can see are jealous and  full of shit but I think it would be fun and worth while to show the facts just to discredit these losers. I really dont care what anyone says on the net anymore because they are just a bunch of keyboard warriors that now can talk shit that I am not in the business or LA or FL. What big balls you sissies have. The people that posted the Bullshit and not the facts in my response just prove how worthless and stupid they really are and where the industry is headed including Cindi Stupis.

For those of you that know the bullshit people are saying about me, here are the facts. After performing in over 1000 scenes and directing another 500 for my own production company and studio which bought.  I Then moved to Florida and did my own productions there while testing through BIO Collections in Miami which all the Florida talent uses. After a year of that I then retired on December 31st, 2009 from performing and directing! That means my last AIM test in LA when I was last there would have had to be around December 31st, 2008. Anyways match the dates and you can figure our who is lying. Last AIM test 9/10/2010???? BULLSHIT just like everything else the fags and fag lovers say that try and discredit someone like me. I have not even been in the USA in almost 2 years now.

Here is proof below:

posted December 31st, 2009

My Retirement announcement because of and the new email blast AGENTS cant compete

POSTED Apr 01 2010

Aim healthcare and disease are you safe?

Also to Mercedes Ashley: You wish I had time to stalk you online. That’s a good one. Someone couldn’t pay me enough money to fuck you let alone stalk you.
Now who would you want to believe me or
Meet Sean Tompkins
Mercedes Ashley ne fan and the newest member of the gay mafia that runs illegal file and password sharing sites and has 3 ex-wives he owes like $20000 a piece to for back child support.  He has 3 different little half black babies with 3 different mommies and he disowned them all. Kaiden Tompkins, his son must really be proud of daddy. Wonder how the black community feels about this guy.
Sean Tompkins with his whore mother and fat piece of shit sister.

Mercedes Ashley

Mark Spiegler

File:Mark Spiegler.jpg

Mike South


Now please go out there and keep kicking yourselves in the face as I live my retired life laughing at the things you guys come up with.

PS. I got some more paid sales from google searches like from all this so be sure to check out the biggest REAL adult industry site and signup to not support the gay mafia that is ruining porn. We have all the top companies and directors from all around the world alone with new super hot models joining everyday. We are getting more than 50 signups a day now.

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Donny Long: I TOLD YOU SO, enjoy going out of business

June 8th, 2011 · No Comments

This is a poster I had hanging in my studio in the beginning of 2008 warning everyone about faggots like Christianx ruining straight porn for good if they were not stopped.  I told everyone for years that the government would step in and regulate  the business and make condoms mandatory killing profits if the industry didnt regulate itself and stop these queers from bringing HIV into the straight side. I warned everyone many times about the gay pimps also (like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler) that will one day soon make porn illegal all together — which is coming  next!  Keep hiring Christianx and Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler’s fag hags and see where it gets you all next!

Well, since no one listened to Donny Long and let these fags keep bringing HIV over to the straight side now you all can enjoy the ass fucking coming to you from CAL-OSHA.

Many many many studios are about to be forced to close and go out of business and you will have no one to thank but yourselves for not listening to me and speaking out like I have always done.

I am just glad I sold my gold mine when i did and I am not one of you!

For any smart ones left that are not already on my site come over to where the gay and tranny talent is in its own gender section and not mixed. ALL the directors and top Companies use my site and we have over 15k members now.

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