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All new Donny Long website

April 2nd, 2016 · Comments Off on All new Donny Long website

I have made deals with many companies and got rights to a lot of my videos and I am building a all new website and its getting tons of members already. It will take me some time to get them all up but if you watch I am adding more and more and will be also shooting fresh girls I find in new scenes you can only find here.

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Another stupid falang bites the dust in Thailand

September 19th, 2015 · Comments Off on Another stupid falang bites the dust in Thailand

After living in Thailand for over 6 year and also building and owning and running 2 bars/guesthouses and a real estate company there I have seen and heard ALL the stories of piece of shit, scamming, lazy, drunken, Thais ripping off foreigners millions of times. This story I am about to show you just hit the BBC today and I wanted to comment on it and give some advice to others planning to make the same mistakes this guy in the story and also I made in Thailand which is very easy to do when you meet a young beautiful girl that plays so innocent.

Let me start off by saying again that no matter how long you have lived in Thailand or how street smart you think you are or how many whores or women you have fucked it doesnt apply in Whoreland akak Thailand. No matter how much you dont see it or believe it these criminal pieces of lazy shit are professionals. They hate anyone that is not Thai and think that we are stupid and a walking stupid ATM Machine. These scumbags all stick together and plot against anyone thats not Thai. Many long time expats that lived in Thailand have figured this out but not as many as you would think.

This is a story similar to mine because my piece of dog shit criminal scamming Pattaya closet whore exwife Piyaporn Thanapongthaweechot aka Piyaporn Hergenröther aka Puyfai Hergenröther aka Puy or Puyfai or Piya also TRIED to rip me off and TRIED to take a shit on both me and our daughter. For those of you that dont know there are two movie trailers on youtube about the mess and abuse that was done to my daughter by her Thai mother and Thai grandmother and my 2 year fight to get her back and out of Thailand. Just search youtube for “Stacy Thailand”. Anyways just a warning to those out there thinking to go to Thailand or to get involved with a Thai in any way shape or forum, just dont do it.

Now for this guys story.

‘Defrauded by my wife and criminals in Thailand’

Victoria Derbyshire, 18/09/2015

Briton tells how he lost property portfolio to fraudsters in Thailand

Victoria Derbyshire

Briton Ian Rance believed he had found the prefect place to spend his retirement when he moved to Thailand. But his life was turned upside down when he discovered his wife of nine years, with whom he had three children, had helped to defraud him of his properties. Mr Rance told the BBC’s Jonathan Head about his fight for justice in a country where he believes the authorities are easily corrupted. Release date: 18 September 2015

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Thais stick together like a pile of buffalo shit

August 5th, 2015 · Comments Off on Thais stick together like a pile of buffalo shit

For those who missed it, again wanted to tell you that the Sick fucking Thais Think its ok to get a 2 year old drunk and physically abuse her as long as its a Thai doing it to a foreigners child. Yup that’s right Thais stick together like a pile of buffalo shit.

This cunt hooker that is my exwife did so many bad things to Stacy its unreal. Here watch the video proof below if you missed it when I posted it before. See in Thailand its not illegal to get a child drunk the police, women and child protective services and the Chon Buri family court told me and documented 2 Thai police reports and then laughed about it.


Fuck you LieLand, drunkland, stupidland, lazyland, moronland!

I know you guys are waiting for the rest of my story and I will finish it later but right now i’m just venting lol.

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Scamming Hooker Whore Sister of my exwife Natsasi Thanpornraweepapha also pimped by her Thai mother

August 5th, 2015 · Comments Off on Scamming Hooker Whore Sister of my exwife Natsasi Thanpornraweepapha also pimped by her Thai mother

WELCOME TO PATTAYA! Here is a facebook of one of the hooker whore sisters of my child abusing hooker exwife. Take a look, she claims she is a import car model that travels a lot to Indonesia and other places for “work” lol You know her drunken piece of shit pimp mother texted my wife yesterday and said in Thai none of the family are “whores” they just don’t need to work cause they have men that take care of them and pay for them. WTF LAZY HOOKER WHORES! YOU STUPID CLOSET PIMP! Stay tuned for more.

PS: Remember this is the whore getting married in the wedding photos and has a child also that she also stole from her exhusband after she extorted a lot of money out of him. You will never see her mention a thing about any of that though.

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sorry for no updates but I very busy for a bit

July 30th, 2015 · Comments Off on sorry for no updates but I very busy for a bit

Sorry for no updates but been busy putting together so many things now that I’m out of 6 years in Thailand. I will update later but for now to answer some of your questions, yes I have full control of my daughter now and she is with me and we are never going back to Lieland aka Thailand. My phone got stolen the other night by a whore in a nightclub so I lost tons of pictures and videos including many from Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos but not to worry I still have other SD card with some stuff I will be posting later when I get time.

I am very busy right now planning and setting up my next moves but when I get time I will updated much much more including finishing my ebook about Thailand. Any questions please email me to xxxfilmjobs hotmail com

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Michael Thomas Strother aka Kike South wants attention so lets give him some

July 27th, 2015 · Comments Off on Michael Thomas Strother aka Kike South wants attention so lets give him some

Decided not to waist the space around here of talking about gay loser fanboi stalkers that are jealous of me and all my success so I removed this post but if you would like to read it just go to

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Ebook: Thailand Exposed?

July 24th, 2015 · Comments Off on Ebook: Thailand Exposed?

Ok guys after being very busy and losing interest in finishing my story about Thailand because of it not being fully told I am now thinking of writing it all into a ebook. See what I have told so far is missing so much and the full story needs to be told and also finished. Later might even be able to make it into a movie with some of the video footage also I already have. Let me know your thoughts and what you think of this title and subtitle?

Thailand Exposed

A true sad frustrating story from an American father trying to save his child from Thailand and Thai people’s corrupt system of lies, Stupidity, ignorance, child abuse, prostitution and much more.

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Add me on facebook

July 22nd, 2015 · Comments Off on Add me on facebook

Finally of facebook. Should be some interesting stuff to read.

Add me!

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Out of Asia – There is a god!

July 22nd, 2015 · Comments Off on Out of Asia – There is a god!

Ok Guys after an expensive and over 40 hour ride around the world between planes and layovers with me my new wife and child I am now going to do a small update. I didn’t tell you all yet but I not only lived in Thailand but I also had lived in one of my most favorite places on earth sihanoukville Cambodia which is a booming and growing beach city full of foreigners in southwest Cambodia. I had a beautiful brand new 2 bedroom condo there in a gated secure building for only 200 dollars a month walking distance to the beach.

When I finally left Thailand for good about a month ago we were Living for almost a year in Chiang Mai Thailand in the north and headed straight up into Laos. We spent days on buses going all the way across Laos to the west and then south where we crossed back into Cambodia where I use to live. We then went all the way down into Saigon Ho Chi Minh city where we rented a nice condo for almost a month for only $450 dollars and lived there. I absolutely hated the place. Traffic and overcrowded rudeness like you wont believe but the women are smoking hot little Vietnamese spinners with tiny pussies and fun to fuck! I got to fuck 3 of them the short time I was there. Remember my x Kimmy Thai was a Vietnamese also. PS: My new wife is bisexual and ok wife me fucking other women. She is the greatest wife a man can have, 1 in a billion.

Anyways I will update you all more later and I Got plenty of video and stories to tell and I will pick up where I left off with my story from my last post about Thailand when I get time.

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UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 7 Stacy Thailand movie trailer 2

July 14th, 2015 · Comments Off on UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 7 Stacy Thailand movie trailer 2

So in part 6 I told you how I got a lawyer and showed you the shocking video of my daughter mother and grandmother getting her drunk when she was only 2 years old and all the physical abuse done to her by them. Now let me go more into detail about what has happened in the last 2 years since I started the court case with the lawyers and that last video you saw.

First off I have not been able to sleep for over 2 years now because of the constant worry about my child and round the clock working to get her. When I do sleep its with nightmares waking up in a cold sweat. Understand that hiring a Thai lawyer in Thailand is like hiring someone to work against you cause all Thai Stick Together. Thai blood for Thai blood. Going to a Thai court is asking to have yourself thrown in jail. Some will tell you that the Thai courts want whats best for the child and that foreigners can win and they dont take sides with Thais. WELL THATS TOTAL BULLSHIT AND I WILL PROVE IT! Thailand the land of smiles AKA Lieland The Land of Lies is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and just saying that will have me put in jail is I was in Thailand. There is no freedom of speech or the press there and slander is a criminal offense. All a Thai has to do to a foreigner is claim slander and your locked up, but if a Thai slanders a foreigner its no problem because Thais hate foreigners. Proof being look at all the shit my exwife was able to get away with posting about me online the last 2 years I was there before I got out while I had to stay quiet.

Go read the Thai National Anthem in English:

First English translation Second English translation Third English translation
Thailand unites flesh and blood of Thais, Thailand unites its people with flesh and blood, Thailand embraces in its bosom all people of Thai blood,
Nation of the people; belonging to the Thais in every respect. Land of Thailand belongs to the Thais. Every inch of Thailand belongs to the Thais.
Long maintained [has been] the independence, Long maintained its sovereignty, It has long maintained its sovereignty,
Because the Thais seek, and love, unity. All Thais intend to unite together. Because the Thais have always been united.
Thais are peace-loving, But at war we’re no cowards. Thais are peace-loving, but fight with courage The Thai people are peace-loving, But they are no cowards at war.
Sovereignty will not be threatened. They shall allow no one to rob them of freedom. Nor shall they suffer tyranny.
They will sacrifice every drop of their blood to contribute to the nation, Sacrificing every drop of blood for the nation, All Thais are ready to give up every drop of blood,
Hail the nation of Thailand, long last the victory, Hurrah. They will serve their country with pride and prestige, full of victory. Chai Yo (Cheers). For the nation’s safety, freedom and progress.

Lieland is a sick sick place that I hate now more than anything in the world because of what the country and people had done to my daughter and let it go on and all I know about the lazy drunken morons and there culture. They do everything for Buddha and Buddha tells them to lie and be whores. LOL They all throw whiskey on the floor and call it lucky even though they are sitting there 20 years later still broke taking it in every hole for 15 dollars a pop. They all are scared of ghost and have these stupid ghost statues they worship everywhere. A old friend of mine that is 70 years old and has lived in Thailand more than 20 years says it best. Thais a not stupid, they are ignorant which means they are stupid and want to stay stupid and cant be tought anything. Thais are known that if a foreigner teaches them something they will not learn from it cause that would be them losing there Thai face because all us foreigners are stupid remember. Thais are all about there stupid ugly faces but they are uneducated stupid monkeys with no face to begin with.

Anyways back to my story and enough of my ranting lol. So I went and spoke with about every Thai lawyer in the city I could find only one which was recommended through a friend that SEEMED to MAYBE be on my side A LITTLE bit so I hired him. He opened a Thai child custody case against my wife suing her for divorce and custody. THIS WAS NOT CHEAP! When he wrote the first complaint to the court he wrote it full of lies and I said but a lot of that is not true and he said this is Thailand thats how we do it trust me. He had stuff in there like I caught her cheating with other men and all kind of shit which wasnt true lol. Remember its LIELAND not Thailand. Anyways so my x gets the subpoena and she has has to write a reply to it. So her reply is full of lies saying stuff like I never took care of my child or paid for her and all sorts. She says I am broke and have no income and much more which again is all lies. At this point in time I have over 5 years of Thai bank statements alone to prove different.

My first thoughts were great this is going to be easy cause I can prove everything she is saying is a lie and I will win. Right? WRONG! See Thais cover each other lies. THAIS STICK TOGETHER.  So anyways as you saw in video one I have 7 witnesses and on video to testify against her that had known us for over a year and 3 were Thai females. Fight fire with fire. Thai against Thai right? WRONG!

Anyways my lawyers say I must show that I work in Thailand and have a income from Thailand and the only way was to open a company and get a business visa and a work permit and hire 4 Thai employes and pay income and state tax on them every month and much more. I am like WTF!!!! BIG MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Anyways I pay them to do it all and bust my ass building and rent two buildings 3 stories and put a real estate company inside. I spend months on a motorbike with my staff taking videos and pictures of properties and getting contracts signed and much more. there is a youtube channel also somewhere. I spent months laying tiles on 2 floors and building a kids room and all sorts. This cost my a load of money and I couldnt even really live there or even be there too much at night or without other people around even during the day as my exwife was trying to have the Thai mafia police kill me cause she knows I will die before lose. I ALWAYS FUCKING WIN! Remember my daughter to her and her family is a gold ATM machine to sell pussy and scam foreigners for them when she is old enough. A half foreigner child can make a lot more than just a Thai. They also think maybe she will be a Thai movie star hooker cause most half foreigner and half Thai end up movie stars and high priced hookers.

Anyways while all this is going on I go to my first court hearing which is a interview with child protective services that is suppose to recommend to the judge what to do in the case and I show him the abuse videos which had been taken a few days before and also bring witnesses. HE IS THAI THOUGH! and he sits there shocked and says he is going to help me and says he will call the child and mother in for a interview right away. I am thinking great. WRONG! He also asks me many questions about my job and my income and all sorts which I have covered with me owning a real estate company and having a work permit.

He then writes in his report NOTHING BUT LIES and that my x and her mother came in a few days later with the child and the child had no marks on her face or neck and that they both should take care of the child. WTF In his report he didnt even ask them what there job was or how much they make cause they have none. SO MUCH BULLSHIT but in Lieland dont dare question what a court officer says or you will go to jail. We get to the first court hearing like a week later and my daughter is there and clearly has the marks on her face and neck which I even get photos of right outside the court. I tell my lawyers I want this guy fired and I want to tell the judge and show him how he lied. My lawyers say no no no you cant question them or speak bad as you will go to jail cause they work for the king and its same as speaking bad about the king. WTF

So we processed that day for the first hearing which is just a mediation hearing and they try and mediate the situation which is not going to work. Basically I rip my wife and her mother a new asshole and having them crying the whole time because of all the evidence and witnesses I have and they are losing there stupid Thai faces which the court kept trying to prevent and wouldnt let me show anything I had many times. At the end of the day they say they didnt have a lawyer present and I had 3 lawyers so by law they had a right to scrap everything done all day and come back another day with a lawyer which took like another 3 or 4 months. This just kept dragging on and on. They were hoping I would get tired and give up or end up dead whichever came first but I dont stand down. Over 2 years of this Thai support Thai bullshit. So the next hearing 3 or 4 months later was another mediation hearing and my x and her mother brought a new lawyer. This time the court mediators wear me down for over 8 hours all day trying to tell me I cant win to sign a 50% agreement and not go forward. I refuse and stand strong fighting with these stupid monkeys all day to the point that my lawyers want off the case. I KEEP SAYING TO EVERYONE CAN YOU ACCEPT SOMEONE GETTING YOUR DAUGHTER DRUNK AND BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF THEM? THEY DIDNT LIKE THAT.

So on to another hearing another 3 or 4 months later which turns into another hearing another 3 or 4 months later and then to a witness hearing. I have 7 witnesses and 3 of them are Thai ladies and I bring a 52 inch flat screen into the court room with my 3 lawyers and hook it on HMDI to my laptop with external speakers and all before the judge even walks into the room. I am getting ready to throw shit everywhere and this stupid cunt and her family are going to lose huge Thai face and look very stupid. Guess what happens? NOTHING! The judge saves there Thai face and supports his fellow Thais and refuses to go through with the hearing and let any of my witnesses testify or any of my video to be played. I fight with him every way I can through my paid translators and lawyers but he wont budge. Then he orders her to bring the baby down from Ubon 14 hours away where she had been hiding her for over a year and that she is to let me take the baby alone for visitation in my car and that she is to go sign for a us citizenship and us passport and also sign the baby up to school at my expense and then come back to court. You know what happen next?

LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE and she broke all the judges orders and this time all on my hidden pen cam cause the judge and lawyers said for me to stop throwing cameras in there face that it wasnt nice lol. Yea lose Thai face. Take a look yourself.

For those of you that missed part one here it is again.

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UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 6 Stacy Movie Trailer

July 13th, 2015 · Comments Off on UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 6 Stacy Movie Trailer

So in part 5 I left off with my exwife kid napping my daughter for the 3rd time and her cutting off the phone playing her stupid whore phone game again instead of speaking like an adult and not playing stupid games. So for 2 weeks I had different Thais call and speak Thai to her mother asking where the baby was and what was going on and got nothing but lie lie lie lie lie lie lie. I finally had enough and went down to Pattaya city 14 hours away. When I got there I went by her mothers house everyday looking for my daughter and got nothing but bullshit lie lie lie lie lie and my exwife was playing the stupid whore phone game with me.

In Thailand the Thai police will not get involved with family matters even if your beating the shit out of a baby or wife or whatever. The law also states parental kid napping is not a crime and a civil offense but if the father is a foreigner and decides to take to the child then you will get the shit beat out of you and thrown in jail with something they will make up. Dont forget Thais all stick together and do nothing but lie in Lieland the Land of Lies and hate foreigners. Every week you read in the Pattaya news how some foreigner committed suicide jumping from a high rise but most of them have bullet and or stab wounds all in the back so go figure.

After 4 months hiding she then brings the baby to the mothers house in Pattaya and this is what happened after I was able to pay police off to go with me to get this video. I was strongly told by police I could not take my daughter away and would have to file a family court case against her. Stacy had not been showering or being taken care of properly and people had been hitting her. She had bad bloody scabs all under her neck and bruises everywhere, even on her face.

Hitting your child in Thailand is the Thais way of life and being raised. Thais don’t know any other way and its normal to everyday see someone hitting there child in the store or market and most of the time its with a stick. Every time I see this I just want to beat the fuckers to death. No child should ever be hit by anyone or anything for any reason.

A Innocent child is never wrong, You are for not teaching or parenting it right so hit yourself not the child.

The facebook you are going to see called Anna Taylor was the 5th facebook account she tried and hide from me and failed and this is the one where her and her mother say in Thai “baby downed a half of bottle of beer hahaha” and then put a video on my daughter dancing around drunk and passing out. It also shows her life out drunk partying every night and blacking out in bars with her mother. Yea what great mothers these 2 are ehhhhh. After I file the court case with lawyer I drive by with many friends on video to use as witnesses in court as you can see in the video. Every day and night after night all they do is sit around drunk. Also remember there is a part 2 to this video I will release soon and many things have happened since then.

Please like and share this video with as many people as you can and come back to see part 2 and read much more shocking truth about the Land of Lies in Lieland as my exwife use to always call it while having a laugh.

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UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 5

July 13th, 2015 · Comments Off on UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 5

So in part 4 I left off with my exwife kid napping my child again for the second time as I was trying to sell the second bar but me being smarter than her this time. My exwife and just about ever girlfriend I have ever had for that matter just love to play what I have called the “stupid whore phone game” for many many years. Shit I dont know a man on earth that hasnt had this game played on him. Its where the cunt ends the calls and ends the call and cuts the phone off after hanging up on you instead of being an adult and not play games with the phone. The more they know it bothers you the more stupid whores play this game. So anyways this time instead of her playing the stupid whore phone game with me this time chasing her I played it on her for the first while which after I sold the bar she played it right back with me. Whores never learn. You can take the whore out of the bar but you cant take the bar out of the whore.

Anyways so after more than a month I sold the second bar and had to play this begging game and stupid whore phone game with her if I wanted to get my child back and also had to pay money. She wanted this time for me to have to pay her mom $300 USD a month and I wouldnt accept it and fought with her for weeks about the fact that if I wanted to pay for a whore I would go pay for one and that I was not going to pay. You pay whores to leave not stay. I end up settling for half that $150 USD a month which she claims was to pay for her younger sisters schooling which should have been her lazy drunken mothers job and not mine. The cunt has 3 daughters she cant take care of or pay for but wants to steel my daughter and have my daughter go whore herself for her also when she is old enough. WTF

I rented a truck and drove 14 hours to ubon again with that friend that had the same women problems as me that lived above my bar. We picked up her and the baby and drove back but drove right past Pattaya down to Trat and then onto a ferry and to the island of Koh Chang. This time this cunts mother Ning wasnt going to ruin my daughters life and my marriage and I was going to get as far away from her as possible. After a few days I called some friends and had a good friend of mine Ian from the UK and his Thai wife move down next door to us and everything was great. My wife started that lazy to take care of the baby bullshit again and started crying that she wanted me to hire a nanny. YES A FUCKING NANNY! A 21 year old with no job other than to be a housewife and take care of 1 child which is her own wants a fucking nanny. Long story short I hire a nanny to come down which last a few months and then she moves onto another job and we get my friends wife next door to help out once and a while.

So we live in 2 different locations throughout the island within 7 or 8 months and then my UK friend and his Thai wife next door decide to move back down near Pattaya to Ban Chang. Right after they left my wife gets bored again and starts her bitching that she is not happy and lazy to take care of the baby again. She starts talking to her mother on the phone way to much again and I can see whats coming so I sell everything and tell her we are moving to the best place for the baby for her schooling and future which is Chiang Mai Thailand 14 hours south west. This was a choice we both agreed upon and were happy about and lost a lot of money fire selling everything off to make the move.

We are in Chiang Mai only 2 weeks and everything is great, we found some great schools for the baby, one called brain school she could start when she turned 2 in a few months from then. It was a private school for $300 USD a month but I was willing to pay it. We found all sorts to do like zoo’s and malls and all sorts. Then her mother starts calling crying on the phone again 2 days in a row for hours. I say to my wife I hope your not planing on doing something stupid again and running away with the baby and she gets angry yelling at me asking why I always think that when she talks to her mom. I say well duuuuu what happened the last 2 times you sat 2 days on the phone with your mother? You ran off kid napping my child. The very next morning BOOM POW BANG The bitch was gone with my kid again.

Another note left behind BLA BLA BLA and the phone off again. STUPID WHORE PHONE GAME TIME AGAIN!

Stayed tuned in part 6 for the shocking story of private investigators and myself chasing the family around with police and video cameras for 4 months trying to find Stacy and then see the video footage I got that shows shocking child abuse and neglect and much more.

Here are some photos from the island of Koh Chang

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Why I am doing this to my exwife?

July 13th, 2015 · Comments Off on Why I am doing this to my exwife?

One thing I want to comment about before I go further for those of you all wondering why I am taking the time to post all of this and why I would post all this info and personal photos and video from my exwife and her family and her John.

1. For those of you that know me know when I say I am going to do something I fucking do it and if I threaten you not to do something or I will do much worse back your going to get it. Mark Spiegler and Sean Tompkins still have not learned that one but most other stupid faggots and whores have and don’t TRY TO step on my toes anymore.

2. If anyone ever takes a poke at me I poke them 1000 times back.

3. For every dollar someone cost me or a group of people cost me I will cost them 1000 back.


A producer named Justdave said on a forum it all perfectly to an old enemy of mine Joe from AMA many years ago when he was stupid enough to war with me after losing 2 times already and I was about to take his company from him and get him evicted from his own house and take all his shooting equipment from him through his partner. Dave told him Donny is a lot smarter than you think and always all the time has something up his sleeve you never ever thought of and Donny is a nightmare and if you fuck with him he will spend his last penny and last dying breath making your whole life and everyone’s life around you a living hell.

On another note I am a very nice and loyal guy that will give you the shirt off my back and a truth seeker for justice and right and wrong if you do the right thing.

I had warned my exwife and her John enough times to not war with me or they would lose and it would cost them bad and everyone around them and they thought they were smarter than me and could beat me and could win. After the last 2 years fighting in Thai courts, I WON! You pieces of shit! and now its time to get my fucking revenge and give these cunts a taste of there own medicine. the amount of sleepless nights and money these cunts cost me is unexplainable and will all be attempted to be told here first and then in a movie and book, by the way the clips from some of the movie trailer will be posted here shortly and that I will make money from it all again.

They took it upon themselves first to do everything I am doing right now including posting photos and shit about me and they even took it a step further posting tons of lies and slander which I am not doing because I am doing nothing but telling the gods honest truth. Anyways next post will be back to my story with more photos and videos and truth and some shocking shit.

PS, My exwife’s whore sisters facebook is going to be a big kick for them and very interesting for you all. You know the other whore that took a shit on her own kid and xhusband to go be a whore. This family tree story will shock you as I leak more of it to you. Here is a pic of her now with her fake tits with my exwife and some other wanking pix.

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UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 4

July 13th, 2015 · Comments Off on UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 4

Ok so I left off in part 3 at the Kiss My Ass Bar 1 being born. Somewhere around this time I am getting to hear the stories about her next sister to turn 18 and becoming a problem child. See Grandpa Jai was still being the good man he is and raising his other 2 other daughters in Ubon while all this madness was going on down in Pattaya city and he didn’t want the next daughter to run to Pattaya and be a whore with the mother Ning like my wife did. My wife told me that her sister was not coming home at night and not going to school and that her father was very mad. Her father made a deal with her to rent her a condo so she didnt have to live at home but that she has to go to school. That lasted a couple weeks and she was on drugs and running with the wrong kind of Thai guys and not going to school again. My wife told me grandpa Jai really didnt know what to do and was very sad. Then all of a sudden I get told we are going to her sisters wedding that she is marring some rich Thai guy. WHAT? LIE!

The Thai guy she was marrying wasn’t rich but his foreigner step father was. How about that more foreigner money to support the Thai family again ehhh. The story my wife told me was that a Thai mother had a child with a Thai man and ran away with the his kid right after the child was born and then suckered a foreigner into marrying her and he helped raise this Thai man since his he was very small and now he was like 22 years old or something. My wife said the foreigner made 30,000 US dollars a month and was the CEO for DTAC the big telephone company in Thailand and then had moved with his Thai wife to Malaysia to take a job with Ericson for 45,000 US dollars a month.

So off we go to Ubon to the wedding which turns out to be like a 2 or 3 day ordeal and the rich foreigner had bought them a huge outdoor restaurant with a outdoor live band area and much more, really nice and profitable busy business. We went there and saw it all. He had also bought a huge piece of land across the street and was building them a huge hotel. We also went and got to see the big nice new house and new car and new truck he bought for them. My first thoughts were I hope they were smart enough to keep everything out of touch of my wifes sister and her family for when shit hits the fan which my wife LIED and said no that her sister would get half. LOL LIE!

Long story short about that mess is as I predicted my wifes sister had a baby and ran off with the baby hiding it who knows where and got nothing and moved in with the mother in Pattaya and is now a single broke walking street whore like most of the rest of the family. POOR GRANDPA JAI LOST DAUGHTER NUMBER 2 CAUSE OF THAT PIECE OF SHIT THAT IS NING HIS XWIFE AGAIN, the mother of his 3 daughters. The sister now claims to be a import car model which I will post a whole video of her facebook page I need to find later for you all to see. LOL

Ok so back to the bar, my wife is now fighting with me all the time because she doesnt want to be a wife and a mother and do anything but most importantly I can see she is jealous of her sister just marrying a rich Thai guy and all she got out of it. GOLD DIGGING WHORE! I can see where this is headed and I also can see and hear her mother Ning pressuring her to leave me and find someone else with more money. I know I need to pull something off so I put the bar up for sale and tell my wife we can move away somewhere when the bar is sold. I have some foreigner friends I meet looking to buy the bar and right before I am about to sell it for more than 3 times what it cost me BOOM JUST LIKE CLOCKWORK MY DAUGHTER AND MY WIFE ARE GONE, POOF, VANISHED! There was a note left which I have somewhere and will post when I find. That same night my wife’s drunken mother Ning comes over to the bar and starts laughing and joking and talking shit about me to all my Thai staff in Thai like she owns the place. Remember all Thais stick together and truly deep down inside hate us. I live upstairs where we had a couple guest rooms and then I made a huge nice apartment out of the third floor. Anyways I am like WTF no way this cunt is taking my bar.

You always have to be one step ahead of these stupid fucking monkeys which is not hard to do in the land of morons and see even though its illegal for me to own or run a bar in Thailand and there plan was to have Immigration police arrest and deport me so they could take my bar and sell it themselves, that wasn’t going to happen because I had covered my tracks, and was smarter than them. Knowing that all whores lie and never trust women, I was smart enough to lease the building under a personal lease with only my name on it and made a copy that I had added my wifes name to show to city hall to get the licenses in her Thai name. So once I ripped up to copy lease and licenses and changed the locks its now not a business anymore and now my living room with  a pool table and a bar which is exactly what I did.

I ended up selling the bar for way less than I should of in a day or two on a fire sale but still doubled my money. So now I was off living with a friend from England that had a 2 bedroom house that his Thai wife had just run off pregnant with his 2 year old daughter also. Yes this is the kind of shit that goes on everywhere there all the time. ITS SHOCKING! See Thais are all about them not losing face which they dont even have to begin with and my wife and her mother are shocked that they lost there stupid Thai face cause I out smarted them and they couldnt take my bar from me, So for almost a month I fight with my wife on the phone and tell her we wont live upstairs of the bar anymore and can stay living in my friends 2 bedroom house because I was already opening a second bar down the street and he was going to be the front man for it and drink at cost and live upstairs free in trade for me living in his house. Nice deal for both of us!

So I drive to Ubon to pickup my wife and daughter and have to pay off my wifes mother like $600 US dollars which they claim was for food and shit but was just a shut her up bribe and extortion. When we get back I am back to work opening the Kiss My Ass bar too.

So now as time goes on again my wife is pressured by her mother all the time to leave me and find someone with more money as I had completely cut her off now and told her to put the whiskey bottle down and go get a job and refused to pay for her rent or whiskey. My wifes mother was only in her late 30’s and had not worked a real job in her life and me doing this just made things worse.

So I knew and could see where this was headed and could see the kid napping about to happen again so I covered my ass even bigger this time. I had everything planned out before it was going to happen. I told my wife 999999999 times that if she wanted to ever run off or kid nap my child again to sit down and talk to me or have someone sit down and talk to me and try to work things out and give a shit for once before she was to ruin our daughters future. I put the bar up for sale again and told her we were going to this time move away from her mother to another city somewhere maybe even in the islands.

Well BOOM POW BANG POOF THE BABY AND HER WERE GONE AGAIN! Right after the mother kept calling for hours at a time with her money problems. Well this time I had it all planed out and was ready to fire back. DL Always wins you know and that takes some smart thinking. See I made some friends this time and turns out I made good friends with a girl that her exboyfriend was the head of immigration and her current boyfriend was the boss at city hall that issues the licenses. She also owned 2 whore houses and a gogo bar on the most famous street in Thailand and had a lot of mafia connections. So instead of selling the bar this time on a fire sell and lose money and beg and cry for her to come back I decided to sit there and drink time away partying and fucking my brains out with the most gorgeous whores on the planet. My wife even sent a foreigner female friend of hers by one night to spy on me at a party I was having at my bar so I started fucking this bar whore on the bar stool at the bar right infront of everyone including the spy. This quickly got back to my wife which was my plan and game to play with her and I denied it and said it was a lie. SHIT If whores can lie and play games with me then I can do it better.

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UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 3

July 13th, 2015 · Comments Off on UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 3

Ok so where I left off in part 2 was talking about year late 2010 early 2011 when my new wife was pregnant and my good friend Joe Blow from LA flew in and moved into my spare bedroom in my big nice house. Yea not a hut lol. So as my wife was going through the pregnancy and I was working my ass off online I started to notice that my wife was one lazy piece of shit. She didnt want to do anything and bitched about going anywhere. It was much worse than living with a normal bitchy pregnant lady and was only getting worse.

I told her many times that most of us foreigners work 9 to 5 jobs till we are 60 years old 5 to 6 days a week and don’t sit around drunk all day and night crying “I poor” “I have no money” like her mother and most Thais do for that matter. See in Thailand there is a homemade Thai Whiskey hut on every corner and at 4pm its Thai Whiskey time and on every street you can find drunken Thais sitting there lazy drinking spending whatever is left from food money of what they made for the day which maybe a few dollars.

So one night at about 8 to 10pm my wife gets a phone call from her drunk mother that her Thai boyfriend is beating her up and that we need to rush down there with police and help her. I tell my wife she is not going anywhere near there being in her late pregnancy and put the baby in danger and to stay by the phone and I will go get the police and bring them down there.

I rush down to a small police box on the way there, and run inside and see a Thai police man with the front of his shirt all unbuttoned and a bottle of whiskey almost finished on the table and his feet were up on the desk and he was watching Thai TV. This was something out of a client Eastwood western. I am yelling hurry hurry, “Thai man boxing lady” come come and making hand singles to try and make him understand. He slowly like a turtle with not a care in the world smiles and stands up and starts buttoning his shirt thinking money time cause a foreigner needs my help and putting his shoes on wobbling towards the door he is still smiling. We get outside and he points at a 1975 old beatup falling apart pickup truck with one red light on the top and he say go truck or bike and he points at my motorcycle. I say lets go get on and just about do a wheelie with him on the back and go racing for the mothers house. I am weaving in and out of traffic and this police man is shitting himself.

Thailand is not like USA because nobody follows traffic laws and there are few police to enforce them. So we get to the mothers house and here is my wifes drunk mother with a huge knife and the Thai boyfriend holding her against the wall by her wrist. The police man smacks the Thai man and handcuffs him and acts as if he is the bad guy but I know deep in my heart that this crazy cunt hits him and he just holds her down when really he just needs to beat the shit out of her one good time and teach her a lesson not to hit a man and that she is a lady.

So The Thai police takes the keys to his motorbike and take his bike with the wifes mother on the back and puts the Thai guy in handcuff’s on the back of my bike. Now I have to follow the policeman with a drunk Thai man in handcuffs and hand cuffed behind his back on the back at that while on the back of my motorcycle. I am thinking WTF seriously? This guy is going to fall off from behind me and bust his head and die and its going to be my fault and no helmet or nothing. This is how fucking stupid the Thais are. So I am going slowly and being very careful and the policeman keeps taking off fast in front of me and then slowing down next to me telling me to go faster cause the big police station was very far away. Now remember all of these fucks are drunk off there heads on Thai whiskey, the mother Ning her boyfriend and the police man. They start drinking at 4pm and now its about 11pm or later. Anyways the police make me stop about 3 times while he starts smacking and beating the shit out of the handcuffed Thai guy and then finally stick him on the back of his bike and put the mother on the back of mine. we end up getting to the police station and nobody was there to take a report or do anything and everyone was let go and told to come back in the morning. WTF Turns out the mother the next morning sobered up and all was forgotten.

Anyways no matter how much I was pulling back the curtain and how much shit I was seeing and how much I was growing to hate this lazy piece of shit I was determined to make things work for my child’s future, which in my wifes eyes is just a object to make money and nothing more, but I didn’t know this as of yet. Remember I am the one who wanted to get married and have a kid not her.

So after the baby was born which Joe was there to see, Puy’s lazyness got more and more and she started to hate everything and everyone because this new baby was making her do some work and be a mother and wake up and breast feed and make milk and clean clothes and all sorts. I was helping out as much as I could when I was not working online but the fact was I was also running a website that just hit world news and making a lot of money and my time was limited. I was right there by her side don’t get me wrong with a laptop in hand in the same house and same room for that matter and all the time. Remember though Thais are not able to raise there own kids and that’s why they all let the grandparents do it. This is the Thai lazy way. Go to pattaya and more than half of all bar whores have kids left in the village with grandparents taking care of them and this starts from the time the baby is a few weeks old.

So my wifes mother finished with the Thai boyfriend and was living alone and was able to move into a 2 story shophouse with a downstairs storefront because her 2 other sisters had married suckers from the UK and Sweden and got them both to fork out some cash for sister. Now this places rent was only 3500 baht which is 100 US dollars a month and they also got the foreigners to fork out some cash to build a hair salon and minibar downstairs. When I say a minibar it was a outdoor fridge and 2 tables with 4 chairs each for the Thais at 4pm to come buy and drink whiskey.

So my wife keeps begging me for us to go move into her place so her mom can help take care of the baby and that her mother stop drinking and got rid of the Thai boyfriend and she is all alone. I am like NO fucking way!!!!! So the mother starts coming around all the time and helping out with taking care of the baby and with my wife bitching all the time how lazy she is that she cant take care the baby and she she wants to move in with her mother so the big heart I have I say ok. WTF, BIG MISTAKE!

I didn’t know about the Thai whiskey bar outside and what was really going on there. We move out of our house and into the mothers place where I now have to pay all the bills and the mothers Whiskey and food and much more and become the walking ATM machine. In less than a month our marriage is falling a part. The mother is a violent and abuse drunk and is smacking my wife around and my wife is scared of her and will do everything she says. Remember my wife’s mother speaks no English so I don’t even understand most of what is being said. They even have a party one night where the mother and some other Thais start smoking marijuana in the kitchen where the smell comes into the house near the baby and I freak out. That was when I had about enough.

I am now pulling the curtain all the way open and seeing all the lies, lie after lie after lie after lie. I had now caught my wife 4 times running a hidden facebook account where she was being an attention whore and lying to me about many things. Thais look at us Foreigners as stupid and anyone not Thai is a dumbass and all Thais think they are smarter than us and can lie to us and we wont know it. So after warning her many many many times to keep the babies photos and name off the internet the faggots jealous haters online find the 4th facebook right after I had made her shutdown the 3rd one she was lying to me about and told her the jealous faggots online would find it. This was the one loser faggot South found. So I had had enough but knew for the sake of my daughter I needed to do something and fast. I told my wife I would go rent a 3 story building and put a bar/restaurant/guesthouse in it and we could live there. So off I went and found a empty building and got to work. I did all the pluming/electrical and construction myself as I am a handyman and jack of all trades. I went around to the auctions bidding on the weekends and bought everything I needed, bar, pool table, bar stools, commercial fridge, furniture and much more. I spent only 3,000 to 5,000 US dollars doing everything this way. So now Kiss My Ass Bar 1 was born.

Next I will tell the stories about my wifes drunken hooker aunt aka MON, trying to take over and run my bar after her real estate company went under that the foreigner bought her and the family trying to take everything from me and hiring whores to work in the bar and it turning into a whore house and much more. Also the first kid napping of my daughter to extort money from me.

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Who is Gerald Hergenröther and Piyaporn Hergenröther and the Thai family tree? THE FULL STORY

July 12th, 2015 · Comments Off on Who is Gerald Hergenröther and Piyaporn Hergenröther and the Thai family tree? THE FULL STORY

Gerald Hergenröther is a closet homosexual German sexpat professional conman, scam artist and thief that went to Pattaya Thailand and married an old washed up and blown out with a kid hooker whore named Piyaporn Hergenröther even after he was warned about her by the exhusband “ME”. This scumbag also cost her xhusband “ME” a lot of money funding her fight in court.

Piyaporn Hergenröther is a very clever professional scam artist Thai whore that scams men on holiday out of money while pretending to be a real estate agent and a poor Thai girl that comes from a poor Thai family when infact most of her family are lazy drunken scamming whores like herself including her mother and her mothers 4 sisters and her 2 sisters.

Stacy is my wonderful daughter that I saved away from this abuse that I will get to more of that story in my next post but for now lets talk about this whore and her family tree.

First off I want to start out by teaching you that Thais look at there kids as a ATM machines and pensions later in life when they grow up and if its a girl that includes pimping them out. See Thais don’t get any retirement from the government when they get older. This is a sick sick sick thing but this is fact. I will dedicate a whole post later to that but for now read the family tree story and you will learn and see it here.

So here is a Thai mother and father in northern Thailand from Ubon Ratchathani which is in the Isan province which is also called the pussy factory or pussy farm where its known that people from this area raise there daughters up to later send them to Pattaya City to be whores and find rich stupid foreigners to scam and pay the family off and build them houses and so on till they are run bone dry at which time the daughters move on to find the next sucker to scam. This is the Thai way of life for many and is well known if you look at my last post with those youtube videos.

Anyways so you have this good Thai man named Jai and his wife Ning which Ning is a scamming druken piece of shit whore that likes to gamble but Jai doesnt know it yet. Ning also has 4 scamming Thai whore sisters. Ning and Jai have 3 beautiful daughters and Nings sister Mon scams some property from a foreigner down in Pattaya and Ning tells Jai to build a house on the property. Jai builds one huge 2 story house and another house on another lot next door Ning sister Mon also scammed from a foreigner in Pattaya. Jai also build 2 welding factories on the properties. So Nings mother moves in to help raise the 3 daughter while Jai is hiring people to work in his welding factory and making good money. Nings sisters are off in Pattaya city whoring away drunk partying there asses off while Ning is stuck raising 3 kids with her mother and Jai is working his ass off to pay for it all.

See this is not the Thai way to have a happy family stay together and do the right things and Ning knows this. Thais have no logic or sense or reasoning. The Thai way is to pop out a couple daughters and then leave the man after you take all his money and go work as a whore scamming more money out of more men and give the daughters to your mother to raise till your too old to whore anymore.

So Ning starts drinking very heavily and gets a bad gambling habit betting poker. This is common amongst Thais but Ning starts Gambling away all the money Jai is at working for and then quietly takes a huge 100,000.00 US Dollar loan out on the houses that Jai built that sits on the property that Mon scammed from the foreigner which was quietly put in Nings mothers name. This is the kind of shit these scamming Thai whores do, its normal. Remember MAMA also gets everything first and Thais support MAMA first. MAMA always come first when it comes to females.

So Jai now has 3 daughters and only cares about raising his 3 daughter and wants to get rid of there piece of shit mother so bad he wants her dead. Ning ends up in pattaya with her 4 hooker sister and Jai ends up no only stuck taking care of there 3 daughter but also Nings mother. The 4 of them stay living in the big house in Ubon till the daughters are old enough to move out while the mother Ning is down in Pattaya drunk, gambling and whoring with her 4 sisters.

So more than 10 or 15 years later Jai is still working hard at the house raising his daughters and his x’s mother and the first daughter real name Piyapron aka whore name Puy or Puyfai becomes 18 and Jai buys her a brand new car and pays for her to stay in a condo in Bangkok and pays for her to go to Bangkok university college . Jai doesnt want to see his 3 daughters end up a piece of shit lazy drunken pattaya scamming whore like there mother or her 4 sisters.

So after almost 2 years in college right before she is about to get her degree Puy is getting constant calls from her drunk mother down in Pattaya how she has no money to pay her rent or to eat and how she needs help. Puy then stops going to college and moves out of the condo Jai is paying for in Bangkok and moves into the mothers nasty dirty no aircon rathole room she pays 60 dollars a month for in Pattaya City aka Red light district of the world. Her father Jai is fucking steaming angry and runs down to Pattaya and tried to stop it all but cant as Thai Whores only care about there mothers and will shit on everyone around them including there own kids to support MAMA, That’s the Thai way.

So Puy is now not only with her trash mother in Pattaya but also the sister Mon which is now losing her real estate company that a stupid foreigner bought for her which was her xhusband and the father of her child and Mon stole his daughter away also which was only like 14 and already now a Tomboy on drugs in and out of jail and just had a bad motorbike accident from DUI. Which by the way the father from the UK tried many times to take his daughter away from that mess and them and save her future also but they wouldnt dare let him take there future ATM Machine and pension away. So Puy starts sitting in the office during the day as a front and going to work as a freelance bar whore at night on walking street in Pattaya City telling men she takes home and fucks that she is a property agent and comes from a rich family. “HIGHSO THAI”  LOL

Then Puy meets Donny and gets married and has a kid. To be continued

Ok my next set of post will pick up where I left off about me and Puy 2 post before this one but you will also get to hear more about this family tree and how Jais other 2 daughters shit on his head and ran to MAMA in pattaya to whore themselves for him and much more shocking drama about this family and Nings sisters marrying and having kids with foreigners and much more.

There will be thousands of photos and videos that will shock you as I tell the rest of my story but I need time to gather them all but here are some pictures of these two pieces of shit Piyaporn and Gerald.

Here is a photo from ubon more than a year ago when Puy was visiting Ubon with her mother, the mothers latest Thai Boyfriend and Puys German John. Stacy was living with the great grand mother and Jai Stacy was being hid there from me there. There plan was to raise her in the pussy farm till she was old enough to follow the rest of the family to Pattaya and sell pussy to pay for the parents and grand parents rent and Thai whiskey and gambling habbits.

Ning on the left and her boyfriend to her right and Puy in the front holding Stacy and Nings mother to the right of her and the German John on the right.

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Some great videos for you to learn about Thais and Thailand

July 12th, 2015 · Comments Off on Some great videos for you to learn about Thais and Thailand

This is what ALL Thais do LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE

A great video I found about not only Thai Bar Girls but all Thai Girls

Another stupid fucking idiot

Interview with a British man who bought Thai girlfriend

Shows how fucking lazy thai girls are

1 dollar blowjob

Price of life in Thailand


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UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 2

July 11th, 2015 · Comments Off on UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 2

Ok I am lost as to where to pickup my story and what I have left out cause there is so much. Lets start back with Pattaya vers the rest of Thailand and some things I was thinking about. Many say Pattaya city is not Thailand and Pattaya is just a city full of lying scamming whores but I disagree. The whole country is full of lying scamming whores, thats what Thais are. They are so full of bullshit on levels you cant even comprehend or understand.I know soooo many foreigners that have lived in Thailand 10 and 20 years and they ALL speak the same way i do about Thais and the country and not sure why many even stay there.

I use to have a Neighbor that lived across the street that had a foreigner boyfriend paying her rent and sending her money every month and she lived with a Thai man she said was her brother. When the foreigner would come visit they would sleep in the same bed and the Thai man would sleep in the other room but when the foreigner was gone the Thai man slept in her bed cause he wasn’t the brother he was the Thai husband. These pieces of shit do shit like this all the time, its normal to them and they are brought up to lie lie lie lie lie like this all the time, Buddha tell them to do this kind of shit.

Ok so back to my life and the things I went through and seen in Thailand. Deciding I wanted to settle down and get married and have a kid and thinking this whore was not a whore I started to spend more time with her. My bigger mistake I WARN EVERYONE NOT TO MAKE LIKE I DID IS TO NOT MEET AND REALLY GET TO KNOW THE WHOLE FAMILY FIRST. She told me her father bought her a brand new car when she turned 18 and that he rented he a condo In bangkok and paid for her to go to Bangkok University for 2 years. What she didn’t tell me is that her father, that she took a big shit on, was the only good person in her family and that her mothers side of the family was a bunch of druken lying scamming Pattaya hookers that she sided with.

Ok so she moves into my condo and I want a kid but she doesnt. She says she is to young and that she is scared, but being that I never use a condom with anyone, ever, anywhere, she gets pregnant cause she is not on the pill. I am very happy she is pregnant but she is not. We then go get married which by the way takes a couple minutes and like a dollar at the Government building.

This was the first step to her drunken gold digging piece of shit mother not liking me and I am going to tell you why. Thais are Buddhist and particularly Thai Buddhist want money for someone marrying there daughters. This is called a sin sod or in English a dowry. See in Thailand this is mostly only applied to foreigners marrying Thais cause all Thais deep inside really hate us and only want out money and us to take care of there family. We are looked at as walking ATM machines. Anyways I will never ever pay for a women to stay with me, women are meant to be paid to leave not stay.

Another point I forgot to make is Thais dont get a retirement or Pension from there government so when the kids get old enough to work which is normally early teens then the kids job is to make money to support MAMA. Nothing more important in there life than to work and support MAMA even if there kids laying there dying and starving, NOPE.

Ok so we are married and she is pregnant and she wants me to move away from Pattaya beach and closer to her mother which is more in the Thai area inland about 20 minutes away. Big mistake but I stop renting my Pattaya beach condo and stop living life of fucking whores and partying and move by renting a big nice 2 bedroom house for 300 dollars a month closer to her mother little 60 dollar a month room. By the way when I met my wife she claimed to have just finished college in Bangkok and was sleeping of the floor of her mother dirty no aircon 60 dollar a month room with the mothers druken Thai boyfriend.

The truth I found out later was her father threw her mother out of the house he built in Northern Thailand because her mother was a lazy drunk and gambled to much and took a loan out on his house and blew all the money gambling. The land is in her mothers mothers name, her grandmother from the mothers side, which will be important later in this story. Truth was also that she never finished college and dropped out and ran to Pattaya to whore herself out for MAMA cause she was calling and crying on the phone drunk with no money. So she took a shit on her father and dropped out of college and the father let the bank repo the car and stopped paying for her condo in Bangkok.

Anyways back to the family story and history later but at this point in our marriage I dont know the family to well and just start to see stuff is not what it seems. The mother starts coming over to our house all the time drunk with her Thai boyfriend and they start getting into fights in the front of the house. This starts happening more and more and gets to the point where one night the next door neighbors come over and start fighting with her for being load. Her mom is a nasty drunk.

Then Her aunt, Her moms sister a 4 something year old hooker with fake tits comes over and ask me for money to help save her real estate company. Remember the one that my wife said she worked at. The aunt couldnt pay the bills anymore cause she was drunk all the time and nobody wanted to be near her including her own daughter. She had a half English daughter with her xhusband from the UK that had bought her the Real Estate company that she took a shit on him and stole his kid and ruined the kids life and hers.

So now I am just starting to see whats really going on with this family and the lies and open the curtains up. So after a few months of this drunk fighting in front of my house while my wife is pregnant I say enough. I had to breakup the bullshit too many times and her mother was a violet drunk that would beat on her Thai boyfriend while he would hold her down when he should have knocked her ass out and tought her a lesson about hitting men so she would never do it again. In Thailand it is legal to backhand your wife and Thai men beat the shit out of there women all the time and nothing is done. No laws in Thailand are ever enforced really as the police are always drunk and lazy anyways, more on that later. I am starting to see why the father left the mother and I told my wife I didnt want her mother around the house anymore and that I didnt want her going around there either cause she was pregnant and I was scared the baby would get hurt.

This is a big NO NO in thailand cause all Thais stick together and MAMA comes number one and you should never try and separate them. For the better or not Thais dont have any common sense or logic so you cant do this. This is when everything started on a downward spiral. Remember this is a whore that, for her mother, she took a huge shit on the only person who truly love her and took care of her and raised her which was her father.

Ok so with a baby on the way I start working more and spending more time on my website business and the computer. was born kicking the gay mafia and was booming. My good friend Joe Blow comes down from Cali and moves into the spare bedroom in my house. Me and him are working on some ideas we have online and also start going out partying once and a while at night. My wife was ok with it and everything seemed ok for a while. More on me and Joe and the websites later.

Ok I have things to do now so next post I will start with the crazy true story about her family tree and then pickup where I left off above.



PS. MY XWFIE IS NOW MARRIED TO A HOMOSEXUAL GERMAN PUSSY FAGGOT JOHN NAMED Gerald Hergenröther that almost got his face kicked in a couple weeks ago when he had to face me in court in Pattaya and he lives in Manching, Germany and works for Audi there so I think, I know his brother works there. More on him and his family and all that later. Feel free to call down to his work and ask everyone about his gay John ass and his hooker Thai wife.

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UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 1

July 10th, 2015 · Comments Off on UPDATE about my life and moving forward finally and out of danger PART 1

Ok guys I have been waiting a long time for this day and it has finally come. Today is the day I get to speak a little bit about Thailand and my life over the last 6 years there. Why you ask today and not before? Because before for the last 6 years I lived there and now I dont.

No matter what my jealous gay haters might make up about me or my life or write I will say again it is all false made up bullshit and lies and just jealousy.

I started out living a teens wet dream in Thailand and ended with the last 2 years fighting for my life and to save my daughters life and future and succeeding. Risking my life fighting for my daughter and doing things no man would ever do for anyone including his own child. Me against a whole country and all its people that all stick together and stand behind each other with a storm that never ends of lies and bullshit and they all hate you as a foreigner. The amount of CONSISTENT corruption and lies and shocking bullshit is shocking on levels you cant understand.

From getting pulled over drunk on a wheelie with no license or helmet with your whore on the back and then just having to pay off the police 10 dollars to the family court system over 2 years CONSISTENTLY refusing to look at any evidence and let a Thai lose any face or be caught lying in court or lose against a foreigner to give a child a future and a chance at being something other than a whore like her piece of shit mother. Did you know its ok and normal and legal to get your 2 year old drunk in Thailand and the Thais do it all the time and think its funny and a judge and police will laugh at it? I have all the police reports and court documents. There is sooooooo much to tell about 6 years in Lieland.

There is so much to say about Thailand and my life over the last 6 years and all I have been though and learned but I dont even know where to begin. The things I have learned, the mistakes I have made and the things I have seen if I were to write a book I would be rich. I am seriously thinking I might start a video blog on youtube about it all and the people who crossed me including my lying scamming exwife and her piece of shit drunken lazy alcoholic mother and other family but if I did I for sure would never be able to go back there ever again and would close my door to the country forever. Gerald dont worry you are getting a wiki for sure you stupid faggot. I dont plan on going back there for a very long time but I am still not sure I want to permanently close my door to the place.

Thailand is a place that anyone who has been there will tell you that you just cant describe it to others. Thailand is place that if you go there you wont know or see the real picture and just think wow its a cool place full of smiling people and its cheap and crazy with a lot of freedom. When you live there and learn the people and the culture and open your eyes you see a whole different thing that you grow to hate.

I am not going to go into details now about why and all the bad things but lets just say “the land of smiles” is a bunch of smiling drunks smiling people that want your money and think you are a walking ATM card and really hate you and the fact that you are even in there country. Thailand can be a very fun place to party and fuck the most hot beautiful little spinner whores you have ever dreamed of in your life on a daily basis and enjoy the beautiful islands and much more including living like a god for small amounts of money. I had many good times in Thailand and fucked hundreds if not thousands of girls and most were for free for those that are wondering cause most women sooner or later end up costing you one way or another.

Thailand Is is a very predigest place where if your not Thai you have to pay ten times the price for many simple things like entrance fees to go into parks or zoo’s and more. There are many things that go on in Thailand you wont even know about unless you live there a long time. Thailand in itself is a crazy maze of Thai whiskey drinking, smiling, craziness with people that know nothing other than to LIE. Thailand is famously called LIELAND by all the foreigners that live there. Most of all women in Lieland are Whores or prostitutes and really dont think there are Whores or prostitutes. They really consider themselves and believe they are just poor women trying to make money to support there families. In Thailand Prostitution is illegal but Pattaya city THAILAND is the red light district of the world with thousands of whore houses but the Thais will tell you there is no such thing as Prostitutes in Thailand opps LIELAND.

Anyways I am really trying hard not to go on a hate rant about all the facts about Thailand as it is illegal to tell the truth in Thailand, even the media is censored, and dont dare tell the truth about the government or the army that had taken over and is running it or you will really be in the shit.

Thailand is a place full of sexpats and sex tourist mostly fat and old and gross and also full of criminals wanted or hiding from something or someone in there country. Sexpats and sex tourist are men that cant get laid in there own country and have to pay for sex. Expat is short for expatriate which is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of their citizenship so you get the drift of a sexpat which Thailand is full of.

I lived all around Thailand and traveled in many other south eastern countries in the last 6 years. I lived in the crazy whore city of Pattaya for almost 3 years, The beautiful Island of Koh Chang for almost 1 year, the busy city of Chiang Mai for more than 1 year and have traveled many other places in Thailand.

Some of the positives I have got from Thailand are many learning experiences that I want to share with you. I dropped out of school after a couple months in the 9th grade telling my parents and teachers that why should I stay in school listening to a teacher that makes less money than I do because I had a job working as a head Mechanic which I learned all on my own messing with engines since I was a small child. My parents always said if I didn’t go back to school and finish high school or more that I would never amount to anything and my response always was when I turn 30 I will retire wealthy. So 4 months before I turned 30 after owning businesses since I was 19 years old I decided to take a 2 month holiday to Thailand with the plans of moving there just from what I saw online and because of the things my good friend porn star Joe Blow had told me about the place. See me and Joe and some other friends use to go to Tijuana, Mexico and get drunk clubing and fuck whores on the weekends and I thought that was fun until Joe told be about Pattaya. My plan was to move to Pattaya and go out to clubs every night and fuck beautiful whores and enjoy the retired life living off the income of my websites. I have had very good profitable businesses my whole life I have built and sold and my last one “Donny Long Studios” after selling it gave me enough money to always have a nice spending money cushion. MANY MANY MANY men including some in porn have moved to Thailand and committed suicide after running out of money and going broke because just the thought of having to go back to a busy expensive shit hole like the USA after living in whoreland land of smiles makes you want to end life. You cant make money or work in Thailand unless you have money already and open a business and are very smart you have to all the time outsmart a whole country of people trying to scam you and rip you off and steel your shit and most of them are Thais and in there home country speaking there own language doing it.

Anyways so off I went to Thailand fucking my brains out getting drunk and partying it up. I fucking loved the place and was living a teens wet dream. After 2 months I went home to my houseboat being sunk from a storm again and had to redo everything and then sold my houseboatand fishing boat and 3 jet skis and SUV and off I was packed on my way back to Thailand. The first year was great, going out taking 2 and 3 of the most hot little 18 to 20 year old spinners you have seen in your life. I had a whole phonebook of women blowing up my cell phone every night just wanting to come fuck me and cuddle in my condo. By the way cost of living is so cheap you cant believe. A nice condo will cost you 100 to 300 us dollars a month. In Chiang Mai I was paying 200 dollars a month for a big 2 bedroom fully furnished house.

There are so many crazy things I cant even begin to tell you like bars everywhere you can go in and have a coffee or beer and sit there at the bar getting sucked off by a hot 18 year old sexy spinner while talking and joking with your friends at the bar getting blown of next to you and it only cost 15 dollars, what you would normally pay for gas in your car everyday in the USA which in Thailand everyone drives scooters to get around that only cost you a dollar a day to drive.

You have to be carful in Thailand because there are a lot of faggots in dresses in Thailand and even more in Pattaya. They are nothing more than lazy Thai men in dresses trying to have the easy way out getting money to lay on there back and get fucked like the whores do. These fags are very dangerous and will trying and pick pocket you or touch you when you walk by and the best thing to do is stand your ground loud and firm and say dont fucking touch me and put your fist up. Be careful cause they are known to gang up of you and fight you 3 for one with bottles or sticks but if you do what I said they will most likely be scared and leave you alone. Thai men are pussies at heart unless they fight 10 for one. The closest I had to getting in a problem with them was in a bar on Soi 7 in Pattaya where I called one in the bar next door a NA HEE which means pussy face in Thai and is very bad and fighting words. It and about 4 others came out the bar into the street yelling and I quickly grabbed a pool stick and went crazy screaming and swinging I will fucking kill you all come get some faggots at the top of my lungs and they all backed off.

What friends and other foreigners don’t agree with me on and hate going out with me sometimes to bars is about faggots but I stand my ground. I hate faggots so much and the stupid queers have cost my so much money I refuse to fund or accept them in any way in my life including even going into a bar and spending 1 cent that they might be working in. This is very inconvenient in my life and makes me very angry all the time that I cant go into places or meet girls I might want to meet or fuck because someone hired a sicko faggot to work there also, but I stand my ground and don’t give no money to anywhere those faggot might get any of it. This also is maybe one of the reasons I am one of the few that lived in Thailand for 6 years without ever having a problem or ever getting robbed by them which you can read about in the news everyday.

Ok onto as time goes on because after about a year of this crazy party life and having everything you ever wanted or dreamed of you get to the point you start asking yourself why you are even alive. You also start to really look at women as the gold digging pieces of lying shit whores that they mostly are after being surrounded by them all begging to fuck you all day and night everywhere from the gas station to mcdonalds.

For my first year there this was fun but getting old fast and I wanted to find a good girl and have a child which would all turn out to be a huge learning point for me and change my life. We have a saying you can take a whore out of the bar but you cant take the bar out of the whore so the last thing I wanted was a bar whore. There are thousands of stupid men that try this and get fucked over and ripped off. Most of the whores in Thailand have 5 or 10 stupid men sending them money thinking they are the only one. Lesson number one I learned the hard way is that if it walks and has a pussy in the city of Pattaya it is a lying scamming whore. Dont care where she works or what she claims its a lie. ALL AND I MEAN ALL Females are in the city of Pattaya for a reason and ALL will fuck you for a price.

Ok so I am fucking 2 and 3 whores a night for free every night from my 2 favorite places called Insomnia and Marie Disco.

I had maybe 5 to 10 regulars I rotated and one of the newer ones was a cute young looking 20 year old with braces and was a tiny little spinner. I met her in Insomnia and she claimed she didnt work in a bar and worked in a real estate office during the day and went to Bangkok University and came from a wealthy family. LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIELAND, but I didnt know any better at the time. Turns out she was just another lying freelance bar whore with a lying scummy family full of lying Pattaya hookers. Not knowing this I got to know her more and her lies and even went and saw her at her job during the day a few times where I didnt know at the time but was just a front that her aunt owned that a stupid foreigner bought her. It was all going out of business because like most of her family her aunt was an alcoholic and they were all going out at night selling there asses claiming to be real estate agents looking for a stupid man to become there boyfriend or husband and take care of them.

Anyways fast forward a bit I not knowing any of the truths about this place or these people and not thinking anyone can lie as much as they do I think I have a good girl that ” comes from a wealthy family and went to college and is a “highso thai”. She told me she only went to club Insomnia to have fun sometimes and I didnt know that was her free lance night job like all other 100% of females in there and in Pattaya for that reason.

Anyways I will post more to this story later but for now I will let you know I have a beautiful daughter and a new Thai wife and my daughter I take get care of alone on my own full time because I made the wrong choice of who to have a child with and must go take her shopping now.

Stay strong and never give up the fight and always strike back 1000 times harder when you get kicked, I live by that and it works.

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New things will be happening with Donny Long

February 18th, 2015 · Comments Off on New things will be happening with Donny Long

This site within a few months should be transformed from the porn site it is now to a site about who I Donny Long really am and video and pictures of my daily life and my travels. I will have 2 ebooks and training coarse about how I make my money online inside porn online and another for outside porn online but I will start to be more mainstream about things and get 100% away from the dying porn industry. This site will be about me and my daily life and not about porn anymore because porn is really no longer a big part of my life. Its still makes me my living online which I will share with you though but I will be getting more mainstream and in front of the camera again for that. Hope you all enjoy and keep checking back for more.

Here is a recent picture taken last week and as you can see I am not bald or fat or old looking or broke or any of the things my jealous haters make up about me lol.


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